`”We didn’t worry about a thing. Skip toured us around, explained what things were, gave us history of the island. Showed us all sorts of vegetation, birds, bugs, slugs and lizards that we never would have even seen. He even found me some local food that accommodated my food allergy.”

-Jennifer Howe



  • Family Favorite
  • Naturalist guide
  • Lunch included

Reptile & Amphibian Tour

Did you know that because of how the island of Puerto Rico formed we have no large native land mammals? This geological history paired with our tropical climate means the island is home to a great variety of reptiles and amphibians.

This tour focuses on these creatures, especially lizards and frogs. Throughout the tour we will visit multiple habitats from coastal lowland areas to the mountains of the rainforest on our hunt for different species. You will see multiple endemic species, such as, the Puerto Rican Grass anole, Puerto Rican frilled anole, Puerto Rican white-eared frog, Puerto Rican  ameiva and possibly even the Puerto Rican boa constrictor. These are just some of the species unique to the island and found nowhere else on earth! We will also be able to hear the song of the famous coqui frog, but you will also learn what they are actually “saying” to each other. Not Just the modern scientific explanation, but also the story of how the coqui got its voice according to the native Taíno mythology.

This tour is perfect for children interested in reptiles as well as adults with an interest in herpetology. Because all tours are private we can also build the day around YOUR favorite species. Your guide was a Florida park ranger before moving to the island and has always loved lizards, snakes and anything else that crawls or slithers. The areas that we visit are also accessible to all skill and activity levels so its perfect for families.

We will conclude with a local lunch included with your tour. Enjoy authentic local cuisine at a location where we often see large iguanas resting. while not native to the island they do have a unique story in the ecosystem and is a perfect way to end the day.

Come with us on this tour and learn about some of the most unique and often overlooked wildlife on the island while making amazing family memories!